Project Life Pics: Week 7

Sunday, February 13: The mileage on my trip setting when I pulled into the driveway on my ride home from Joseph’s.

Monday, February 14: A screenshot of the Facebook Valentine’s posts that Joseph and I sent each other. Aren’t we precious?

Tuesday, February 15: The visitor I found in my empty kitchen trashcan (at this point, I didn’t know I would be finding one of his brothers the next night….)

Wednesday, February 16: My wonderfully amazing bed.

Thursday, February 17: A slipcovered chair with some fabric I bought at IKEA (please ignore the big pile of stuff on my kitchen counter… Thanks.)

Friday, February 18: Opening game for NCSU baseball season! This is my friend Danny at bat!

Saturday, February 19: The burlap wreath I made for my front door. More details on this project coming soon!

I knew I would eventually fall behind and miss posting these on a Monday. Now that it has finally happened, I hope that it won’t be a recurring problem. I just have my fingers in a few too many pots right now. So while that means that this post was late, it also means that sometime soon you can expect the burlap wreath post, a project involving that red and white fabric from IKEA, and another project for my bathroom. So while I haven’t been working on the blog, I’ve been doing projects that I am going to blog about… does that make up for it any at all?!?!?!

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