HomeGoods StyleScope Quiz

We all know by now that I like decorating things. I have lots of big ideas for my house, but very little money and time to make those ideas become reality. Still, I really enjoy looking into my personal style and likes. I ran across this quiz the other day in a super old blog post over at Young House Love. Since I love HomeGoods, I just knew it would describe me and my sense of style perfectly… I think it was right on!

Here are my results:


So head on over and take the quiz yourself… then come back and tell me about it! Does your result make sense? Do we share this Earthy Casual style?


2 Comments to “HomeGoods StyleScope Quiz”

  1. I am “Bohemian Casual”….LOL methinks the quiz might be a biiiiiit off.

  2. Is there any way for the reader to subscribe your blog via other methods beside using RSS? I never read it on my readers though it is possible to see it from ff.

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