Cheap and Functional Bathroom Decor

Seeing as how I love to save money, discount stores are always a favorite of mine. I love shopping TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, and Ross for anything from clothing to accessories to home goods. (Ahh! HomeGoods is a GREAT store, too!) Over my past few visits to my local TJ Maxx, I have been envying these babies: spa inspired soaps. (I apologize for the horridness of this picture… I took it with my cell phone while I was in a hurry… I’ll do better next time!)

I had an idea about using these in my bathroom as a little touch of luxury, but I couldn’t justify spending $3.99 each for some bars of soap when I had quite a few bars at home. Using these as my inspiration, I starting thinking about how I could DIY my own version. Here is what I ended up with…

Not exactly what I was thinking when I started out, but I am in love with the result. And when I grow tired of it (or need to actually use the soap), I won’t feel guilty because this was definitely CHEAP!

If you are interested, here is how I did it. I started off with these materials:

I found 3 bars of soap in my bathroom, bought a roll of patterned Kraft wrap from the Dollar Tree, found some diecut blue paper in my stash, and grabbed some basic supplies. The first step was to wrap the soap boxes like presents. I used my glue stick to adhere the ends, but thats because I am a little anal and didn’t want tape showing – if you are a normal person and the tape doesn’t bother you, use the tape! Simplicity is always better! Here is where I deviated from my starting materials… I made a sleeve with the blue paper to go around the wrapped boxes but 1) I didn’t like it and 2) the paper was about 3/4 inch too short. I will spare you from the 20 minute internal debate and search for better options that I went through at this point – just know, it took me a while to figure out what to do from here. I eventually decided to use a sheet of American Crafts patterned paper (from the Amplified line) to execute the same idea. I cut the paper into 2.5 inch strips, wrapped it around the box, trimmed to the correct length, and glued the ends together. I finished them off with some silver ribbon knotted in the front. What do you think?

Last week I grabbed up a glass candle holder from Goodwill for $2.98, but I just could not find anything that would work as a lid for it (check out this post for more information on making apothecary jars). Once I started working on these soaps, I knew just what I would do with it. Check out my little spa corner of my bathtub…

I’d love to know what you think!

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