An Apology

So… this week I’ve sucked at keeping you updated on the goings on of my life. I’m here to apologize, but not really remedy the situation quite yet. I have been studying my butt off for biochem this past week and Joseph came home Friday night, so, sadly, the blog got pushed to the backburner.

Since I don’t have anything fun to post right now, I’ll give you a teaser of what to expect this upcoming week:

– a post filled with some of my latest inspiration

– Monday’s Project Life post

– a new thrift store find and project

– at least one recipe (possibly more!!!)


So please come back by throughout this week to find more snippets of my life. One more exciting tidbit — my first order of prints came in! This means that my pictures for January 1-20 are in my album!! Included in this order were all of my December Daily pictures as well, so maybe I can get to work on that soon (I know, I know… procrastination at it’s best)! Lastly, I ordered an 8×10 of that other man in my life… Isn’t he adorable?!?


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