More Goodwill Goodies

I have a few ideas in the works for doing some redecorating in my house, but a few things have to fall into place before that can happen. While I wait, though, I am stocking up on cost-effective items I can use when the time finally rolls around. One of my ideas is to put a shelf above my bed and decorate it with white items that I love. I’m taking inspiration from images like this one:

I know that this idea is more for the kitchen, but I love it! The pop of green with the white in front of it makes me feel calm and serene – a perfect feeling for a bedroom. So despite the fact that 1) there currently is no shelf and 2) I am going to completely rearrange my room before there is a shelf, I am looking for items (in addition to some that I already own) that will look good on this new piece in my room. On my way home on Fridays, I have been stopping at the local Goodwill store just to see what I can find. Last week I showed you my homemade apothecary jar and new pitcher (check those out here). This week I came home with even more stuff! Here’s a look at my loot:

Here is the costs of these items: green fluted bowls – $0.69 each; Milk glass pedestal bowl – $1.49; Lidded jar – $0.99; Milk glass vase – $1.48; Green vase – $1.49. Less than $8.00 for 7 home decor items! (I will convert you to a thrift store shopper!)

I thought all of these (except the little lidded jar – it’s in my kitchen) would look great on that shelf. Now I just have to make them all white! So I continued my journey to Lowe’s, bought a can of spray primer and a can of white spray paint, and then went home to tackle this little project. In addition to the green items I bought at Goodwill, I also painted another vase I had that didn’t match anything and a picture frame that I wasn’t using. Let me give you some advice that was given to me but I ignored – don’t spray paint when it is windy outside! Not only did I end up covered in paint, but the taller items like the vases kept blowing over and leaves would blow into the wet paint. Not a very good idea on my part. But once all was said and done, I really like the end result!

Right now these pieces are living it up on the buffet in my living room because I don’t have anywhere else to put them. One good thing about having them there is that I keep rearranging them to figure out which configuration is best. By the time I get that shelf for them, I will know exactly how I want them displayed!

Inspiration image taken from Princess Crowns and Pearls.


5 Comments to “More Goodwill Goodies”

  1. Oh, man, you’re starting to convert me. I read about the apothecary jars. I want one too.

  2. Oh I LOVE how gorgeous spraypaint makes things! These look great!

  3. We use the apothecary jars as “travel journals” with our kids. Every time we go someplace for a family vacation, we collection small objects that remind us of the location and put them in the jar with a little flag naming the place we went and date. The kids love it! Plus it makes it fun for them before the vacation by helping to find the *perfect* jar to put their “journal” collection in.

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