Why I use Project Life

I normally will wait until the end of the month to let you see my journaling cards, but I wanted to share why I am so thankful for Project Life and what it allows me to capture.

Picture for Tuesday, January 18

Journaling: Oh how I love my family! Tonight we had an impromptu gathering at Pizza Hut – all of Jody + Tricia’s family, Larry, WR, Jane, Hunter, Mama, and me… 12 loud, joyful people. I picked up my camera to snap a shot of everyone talking, laughing, and just enjoying the “togetherness” and this is the picture I got. This is actually the only picture I took while we were there – and I’m perfectly OK with that. I realize now that this perfectly captures our relationship – Justin brings out the kid in me… the stupid, the fun… I can always count on him for a good time. No, this isn’t a perfect picture, but this was a perfect moment.

While this picture may not mean much to anyone else in the entire world, the essence of my relationship with my cousin is all tied up right here. Project Life gives me the opportunity to capture it and then put my story right with it for my future children to see and appreciate. Tonight we got into a discussion about earlier generations in our family and how we (the cousins) never got to know some of our parents’ aunts and uncles. I wish that I had a Project Life from each of them. I wish I had a Project Life from each of my grandparents who all died before I was 18. Imagine how much family history could be preserved if everyone in your family took the time to tell one story each day. I am vowing not to let my history go unwritten. I will record my story and I choose to do that using Project Life. I am not compensated in any way for pushing this product, I just know that it has completely changed the way I document my story. This picture – and the story behind it – would have never been kept if it wasn’t for Project Life.

[The album kit is available for purchase through Amazon – it’s currently sold out but should be back in stock soon.]


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