Goodwill Finds

First, let me apologize for not really being here this week. I’m trying to adjust to being a full-time student again and having to GO to class instead of TEACHING the class. It’s amazing how one semester of teaching really makes me want to hurry up and graduate so that I can be back in the classroom!

Now, onto the gist of today’s post. I have lots of ideas about what I want in my home in terms of decor. One thing that I have always loved and want to incorporate are apothecary jars. I love how the versatility that allows you to change what is being displayed. I love how it is a pretty storage solution. I love the way they look when you put a few together. If you don’t believe me, here a few examples I found…

After looking at these beauties, I don’t blame think anyone will blame you if you now want to fill your home with apothecary jars, too. There is one thing I don’t love about these amazing decor items, though – their price! Usually you have to pay quite a bit to get decent-sized jars and I’m trying to decorate (and, well, live) on a tight budget. So far, this had meant doing without… but not anymore!

Recently I was perusing Kendra’s blog and came across this post that showed how she took a vase and ice cream dish and made it into an apothecary jar. And I got to thinking, I CAN DO THAT, TOO!

So today I left class (ugh…) and went to Goodwill to check out the glass selection. This is what I came home with:

A vase for $0.79, a candy dish for $0.49, and a pitcher for $3.49. Not bad, right?! If you didn’t check out Kendra’s post, I can bet you are feeling a little confused as to how I am going to get an apothecary jar out of these three random pieces of glassware… but I’ll show you! I loved the shape of the vase so as soon as I saw it on the shelf, I picked it up and started walking up and down the glass section looking for something that would work as a lid. I settled on this little candy dish. When you flip it over it fits right over the top of the vase and move around. While it’s not the ideal look, I’m going to keep it for now – for only $0.49, I can always replace it later if I find something I like better! Now this little apothecary jar is in my bathroom making it easier for me to get to my cotton balls:

So that’s how I spent $1.30 for an apothecary jar. Now I know a few of you are wondering what the pitcher has to do with anything. Well, when I saw it on the shelf, I instantly recognized it as the pitcher that I had my eye on at Wal-mart. Not that I needed a new pitcher. I just like it! But because I didn’t need it, I couldn’t justify spending the ~$15 on it when I originally saw it at Wally world. My Goodwill version is in perfect condition; all it needs is a run through the dishwasher before I use it. I still can’t believe my luck at finding it. If you have never been to a secondhand store, I strongly encourage you to find one in your area and check it out. I personally love both of my local Goodwill stores – and the best part is that there are literally new items every week!

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