Weekend Wrap-Up and Project Life Pics

This rest of this weekend’s photos:

We went back downtown and I took a few pictures of us in Falls Park. It was really cold and the wind made it even worse, but I really wanted to explore! Thank you Joseph for always being down for whatever hare-brained scheme I have on my mind (like walking multiple blocks downtown in the cold and wind just so that I can walk onto the suspension bridge, take a few pictures, and then turn around and say, “OK, let’s head back!”).

This is the first in a series of posts that I will be bringing you. Each week (hopefully on Mondays) I will post all of my daily pictures for the previous week. I will post all of the finished layouts at the end of each month.

This week is a little different because I wanted eight days to fit into this one spread. I’m really like my weeks going from Sunday to Saturday (just like a calendar) but New Year’s Day being on Saturday wanted to mess that up. I decided the best way to compensate was to have my first week be a day longer by making two smaller pictures for one of the picture slots. I took all of the photos first and then decided which two I wanted to make into the collage. I thought the two food pictures from Monday and Tuesday worked well together on one canvas. You’ll get to see the journaling cards when I do my monthly post of layouts! I’m really loving Project Life and the ability to record my daily life!


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