Project Life

This year, I have challenged myself to document life as it happens – real life, everyday life. The good and bad. My daily routines, the people I see, the places I go, and the things I do. A picture and a story for every day. At the end of 2011, I will have a beautiful project that shows my life more accurately than any traditional scrapbook I’ve ever made. How am I doing this? With Becky Higgins’ Project Life kit.

First, let me give a huge THANK YOU to my mom who gave me this kit for Christmas. She’s awesome! I am using the 2010 Project Life kit. These are no longer being offered, but the new 2011 kits are available on Amazon. This year, Becky designed two kits – the Amber edition and the Turquoise edition. Both are beautiful and I encourage you to take the leap and buy one.

I had planned on making a video showing you how I set up my album so that it would be ready to go once the year started… but then Becky Higgins posted a video doing the same thing with the new kits so I’ll just share hers.

I set up my album very similarly to how she set up the one in the video. Here are some pictures of my album once it was set up:

1. This is what the 2010 album looks like. I love the designs for this kit; the leaves and flowers are just beautiful.

2. This is how I set up my first page. I went with how I liked it – not necessarily how everyone else has done it.

3. This is my back page. Again, I went with what I liked. I put the “Stories and Pictures by..” card at the back instead of the front because I would like to be able to wait until the end of the year and put more than just my name down (I’m hoping to get some family and friends involved, too).

4. These are the beautiful bookmarks for each month. I don’t know why I love them so much, but I think these might be my favorite element of the entire kit.

5. These are the title cards as you flip through. I am all about having order, so of course I put the title cards in a repeating pattern and then used matching filler cards for the layouts.

6. This is my first layout. You can see that I went through and matched the colors and nothing is really random. I also went through and stuck a bifold journaling card in each layout. I did this so I wouldn’t really have to think about matching them when the time comes to add my journaling. If I need it, I will use it; if I don’t, I will slide my picture in and put the journaling card back in the box it came in.

7. This is what is staying in the storage box while I am working on the album – extra title cards, filler cards, and bifold journaling cards, and the day of the week stickers, arrow stickers, and date stamp. I am also keeping 3 of the boxes of journaling cards in the storage box.

8. These are the daily journaling cards for the kit. When you get the kit, each box has 5 designs in it. I went through and made 4 decks that include all 20 designs and then put them back in the boxes. I am carrying one around in my pocketbook so I can record my stories anywhere.

I know that some of you are overwhelmed by the idea of taking a picture and telling a story everyday. The important thing to remember is that this kit is about your life, so use the project how it best fits for you. Hopefully, I will be posting my Project Life pictures once a week to keep both me and you motivated. And for a little extra motivation, here is another video by Becky Higgins that shows what Project Life is all about for her.

So, in wrapping up the longest blog post EVER, please let me know what you think about Project Life. Whether you’re interested in doing it, committed to doing it, or terrified of doing it, let me know. Life is passing by so quickly – document your story.


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